At Public Words we’re passionate about helping people tell their stories.

We can help with all aspects of your communications. We can work with you to prepare for a significant event, like an important speech or a conference. We can help you refine your ideas, write books and articles, and navigate the publishing process. If you are a speaker, we’ll work with you to develop speeches that move audiences to action. We’ll help you master your delivery so that you are authentic and charismatic. We’ll work with you to market yourself to speaker bureaus, associations and organizations.

Speaker Coaching and Speech Writing

Great speakers do two things well: they let their own personality come through, and they have a wide range of emotional expressiveness. We’ll help you find the most eloquent expression of your voice, match it with razor-sharp content, and deliver it with authenticity and passion.

Audience-Centered Content
A successful speech takes your audience on a journey from ‘why’ to ‘how’. Audiences come in to the hall asking why—Why am I here? Why is this important to me? Why should I care about this speaker and this speech? By the end of your speech they will be asking how—How do I do what you are talking about? How do I get to work on this? How do I make this my own? That’s the goal of a good speech, and how you know when you have gotten your message across. We’ll help you design a speech that will prepare the audience to hear your message with full attention and appreciation.
Focused Rehearsal
Once the speech is written, you need to rehearse it several times at a minimum before you deliver it in front of a live audience. When you give a speech, your ‘two conversations’—the content and the non-verbal body language—have to be aligned. Your voice, your posture, your gestures and your motion are just as important as the words you say. We’ll help you understand how to achieve that alignment, and through filming and feedback, show you where you are strong and where you need to improve.

Message development and branding

Many individuals and small businesses put off updating their websites and publicity materials and settle for do-it-yourself design that does little to reflect the quality of their people, products or services.

If you want to be perceived as professional, credible and someone who can be trusted then you need to take control of everything that you put out to the world. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a brilliant idea, a speaker with an inspiring story to tell, or a business executive bursting with the next best-selling book, we’ll help you develop a professional brand identity — and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

PR and Marketing

In this information-saturated, attention-starved era you only get one chance at someone’s time. Whether you want help writing and placing articles in print media and newspapers, or increasing your online presence and followers, or connecting with bureaus, agents, and publicists — we can help you present yourself to the world. We’ll become part of your communications team and ensure that you get the platform you need to tell your story.

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