Welcome Letter from CIH Founder / Executive Director, Glenn Llopis:

We have reached a critical time where individuals, corporations, government, academics and leaders alike - must evaluate the way we think, act and innovate. The past represents a history of lessons learned from the knowledge economy where ethics was a mere choice. The present represents Innovation Humanity - the beginnings of the wisdom economy where we must give birth to a new form of ethical innovation that propels positive social change to breed global prosperity.

Today's global economic crisis has affected business and society; and has called for the entrepreneurial spirit from Fortune 500 C-level executives, small business owners and citizens alike as we seek to create new industries and redefine old ones.

Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term any more, it now must represent a symbol for global prosperity, peace and social responsibility. Innovation and Humanity must serve as one, in our undisputed and collaborative efforts to create new products & services, industries, leaders and opportunities the world-over. We must all be entrepreneurs both in and outside of the workplace. It is no longer a choice; it's the "new normal."

While we are not all born entrepreneurs, we all must now learn to embrace its new core principals; not only for the growth of the economy, but for the needs of humanity. These principals include the following:

Vision to See Courage to Sow
Knowledge to Grow Wisdom to Share, to Make the World a Better Place

The 2010 Summit will represent a collaboration of the brightest / entrepreneurial minds in academia, industry, non-profit and community sectors. The Summit objective is to teach, guide and embrace one another to renew the ways we must think and act to propel positive social change through ethical innovation. Keynote and breakout sessions will be represented by an illustrious group of 35+ speakers, moderators and panelists across (6) continents that will include 10 bestselling authors.

The Summit voices, themes and discussion platforms will be too powerful to be ignored. This event is certain to influence the landscape of enterprise and help create the roadmap and provide the tools for today's required progressive thinking and enlightened form of leadership.

Thank you for joining us. Together, let's define Innovation Humanity and what it means for the advancement of business and society.

Glenn Llopis , Executive Director
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